New GREAT Portrait Unveiled for Her Majesty’s 88th Birthday

Happy Birthday to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II!

On April 21, 1962, Princess Elizabeth was born. Now in her sixty-second year on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II is preparing to pass Queen Victoria as the longest reigning monarch. In yet another year of important milestones for Her Majesty, it seems only fitting that a new portrait would be released to mark her birthday.

David Bailey

David Bailey

The photograph was as commissioned on behalf of the British Government’s GREAT Britain campaign. Done by renowned British photographer David Bailey CBE at Buckingham Palace last month and The Queen is wearing wearing pearls and a dress by Ms Angela Kelly, LVO in the historic portrait.

The image will be used in activity to support the GREAT campaign, which aims to generate jobs and growth through highlighting internationally Britain as a world-class destination for trade, tourism, investment and education.

What is the GREAT Britain campaign?

I have no doubt that over the past three years you have encountered the GREAT Britain campaign in one form or another. Did you watch London 2012? You most definitely saw the campaign in action.

The GREAT Britain campaign is the British Government’s most ambitious international marketing campaign ever and showcases the very best of what Britain has to offer, in order to encourage the world to visit, study and do business with the UK.

I know what you’re thinking… what does this have to do with the royals? Well, quite a lot actually. I can almost guarantee that the royals are the main reason why most (if not all) of you reading this blog want to visit Britain. Heritage is GREAT everyone! We all know this. The Royal Family has given strong support to the campaign since its inception in 2011. Prince Harry even launched the GREAT campaign in Brazil during his 2012 tour (and then again participated in a GREAT event with Prime Minister David Cameron in New York last year). while the Duchess of Cambridge attended a reception in 2012 to highlight the excellence of our creative industries. Remember that beautiful lavender dress with the perfect updo? Yes, that night was a GREAT night.

Britain’s monarchy, including the nation’s Royal heritage and property, is one of the biggest drivers of tourism into the UK: a £127 billion industry which employs over 3 million people. It is estimated the Monarchy alone generates over £500 million per year from overseas tourism spend.

#HappyBirthdayYourMajesty! I hope it’s a GREAT year..

Royal Wrap-Up

Hello royal friends! I know I have been delinquent in my blogging duties lately – I blame my recent vacation to Hawai`i. Now that I’m back, let’s catch up on the events of the past few days!

Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates Her 86th Birthday – Saturday, April 21

Credit - The British Monarchy

This past Saturday, Her Majesty turned 86-years-old with the help of a 21-gun salute from the Royal Navy. The annual salute took place at Portsmouth Harbor on the south coast of England. Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday will be honored again on June 16 with a special celebration at Buckingham Palace. 

The London Marathon 

On Sunday, April 22, 37,5000 took to the streets for the 32nd annual London Marathon. Despite “beating” the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, in a friendly race in Jamaica last month, Prince Harry was there to show his support. The 27-year-old prince awarded medals to the participants, but of course it would not be a Harry appearance without a little fun and games; Harry teased the crowds that William and Kate would run in the 2013 marathon. Erase that penciled in date off your calendars, Mini Middletons, The Palace confirmed Harry was up to his usual tricks and the comment was purely a joke. Hey, they still have a year to change their minds.. 

Prince Harry to Return to the United States

It was announced on Monday morning that in two weeks time, Prince Harry will make a very welcome return to the United States on May 7. Harry will be honored by the Atlantic Council at a dinner in Washington D.C., receiving the council’s “Award for Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership.” The award is in recognition of the charitable work by he and his older brother, Prince William, for wounded servicemen on the road to returning to civilian life. I would like to add that the nation’s capital is only 3 hours from me, so, if anyone has any connections at the Atlantic Council, I am currently accepting applications for my new best friend.


Finally, I would like to share the best thing Huffington Post Style has ever created – a year in the life of Prince Harry. Swoon away… The Huffington Post, Style.

The article even resulted in a!/HuffPostStyle/status/194851229027930112 from your very favorite!


Sources/Photo Credit: The British Monarchy, Getty Images, The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post