Sorry to Say..

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend before the royal storm of events ahead at the end of this week – especially all of you royal correspondents we adore so much..something tells me you won’t be sleeping for a while! Speaking of, this post is to give a heads up and my apologies that I will not be live tweeting, blogging and following along with the first few days of Harry’s tour and Catherine’s tea time with the women of the family. As of today, I am out of commission until Sunday, possibly even Monday. I will do my best to check in randomly throughout the week because let’s face it, when Prince Harry is involved it is difficult for me to be completely in the dark. I can’t wait to catch up with everyone’s tweets, photos and blog posts upon my return to the royal watching world! In the meantime, if you can find a way for me to make a living off tweeting and blogging about Prince Harry all day long.. I’m all ears. Enjoy the whirlwind, and please feel free to tweet me¬†photos and videos that you come across – it will make my day!

In case you have somehow forgotten what’s going on this week (i don’t know how you could, I’ve been counting down for months), Prince Harry will embark on his first official overseas tour on behlalf of his grandmother for the Diamond Jubilee. Catherine will continue her introduction to my favorite family, having tea with Queen Elizabeth II and The Duchess of Cornwall this Thursday, March 1 at¬† Fortnum and Mason’s in Piccadilly.

I will leave you with one of my favorite photos of Prince Harry. Yes, I know it’s a completely random photo..don’t know why it’s so high on my list, just is. Maybe it is the color of the suit? Suits him well..

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