Hey Harry, How Are You Still Single?

Over the weekend, Prince Harry began a week-long tour of New Zealand and in typical Harry fashion, he is charming the pants off everyone in his royal wake. While my favorite Prince Harry tour will always be the USA two years ago to date (for obvious reasons), this one is already coming in close second. Everyone who already knew that Harry was the *ultimate* is just even more impressed with him, and the bandwagon Hazza fans are jumping on board so hard the wagon wheels have broken.

After looking at the evidence presented thus far from #RoyalVisitNZ, I have to ask – Harry, how on earth are you still single?

Exhibit A: #HarryWithKids

As I said in December, this is sooo a thing. And it’s seriously catching on. #HarryWithKids is the new black. Was that lame? Whatever, I don’t care. Everybody who is anybody knows that Harry absolutely kills it with the wee ones. He loves them. They love him. It is the cutest. THE CUTEST. And it has been out in full force in New Zealand. Sticking his tongue out at trouble making little rascals? Check. Bending down and taking a young girl’s hand? Check. Posing for photos with children? Check. Letting a group of school kids interview you? Check. Sidebar – Harry revealed to the kids that his favorite food is spaghetti bolognese soooo BRB excuse me while I learn how to cook that.

via Emily Nash, The Sun Newspaper, @emynash

via Emily Nash, The Sun Newspaper, @emynash

Exhibit B: #HarryWithPuppies

Because Harry with one adorable thing (see exhibit a) isn’t enough, he decided to cuddle some puppies in New Zealand. Cool, thanks for that H… just gonna go in the corner and melt into a puddle of mush. Something that will not be a thing? #HarryWithTuataras..

via Emily Nash, The Sun Newspaper, @emynash

via Emily Nash, The Sun Newspaper, @emynash

Exhibit C: Harry wants to be in love and have lots and lots of babies

Okay, I may be putting words in his mouth a little. BUT, Prince Charming did tell Sky News’ Rhiannon Mills that he wants someone to “share the pressure” of these royal tours with and he “wants kids now” but understands there is a “process you have to go through.” The internet then freaked out, seemingly every woman on Twitter volunteered as tribute to take on the role as Harry’s “special someone” and I’m over here all..

kateOh hey, hi Harry I thrive under pressure. Seriously, it’s part of my real life job description. Just saying…

Exhibit D: #HarryWithSnacks

We last left Harry handing out cupcakes to crowds at University of Canterbury. CUPCAKES. They are only like, in my top three favorite foods of all time. Coming in third only to pizza and french fries (oh and now spaghetti bolognese, of course).

So, there you have it – Prince Harry, making it impossible for every guy in the world to impress a girl since 1984.

We have a name! HRH Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge!

Was I actually 100% accurate in my prediction? I cannot believe it!

Two days after her birth, Britain’s beautiful baby princess has a name – HRH Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge. What a gorgeous name for a gorgeous little girl.


Charlotte, who is the first Princess of Cambridge in 180 years, is also the first senior royal princess to be born in 65 years; it was only fitting that her name also have a truly significant family meaning.

via Emily Nash, @emynash, The Sun

via Emily Nash, @emynash, The Sun

So, what’s in a name?

Charlotte – a family name; George III was married to Charlotte, whom he had 15 children with. In fact, he bought Buckingham Palace for his wife. In a touching sentiment, it is also the female form of Charles, William’s father’s name, and Pippa Middleton’s middle name.

Elizabeth – this one is quite obvious and not a surprise at all for royal watchers. In addition to being Her Majesty’s first name, it is also the middle name of Kate and her mother Carole.

Diana – some thought this would be the child’s first name, others were betting a sure thing as a middle name and some thought they might stay away completely. I never thought it had a shot at a first name, but this beautiful tribute to William’s late mother, Princess Diana, is absolutely perfect.

A stunning name for a stunning little girl. Congratulations once again to the new Cambridge family of four!

Introducing The Princess of Cambridge!

Did today even happen? I feel like I’ve been bamboozled! Kate went into hospital, had a baby and left all in the same day – TWELVE HOURS. Further proof that I was right and she is, in fact, a legitimate superhero. Kate totally made up for the long wait with this one. Here’s a recap:

6am – Kate admitted to St Mary’s Hospital

8:34am – Kate gives birth to her second child, a princess!

4:00pm – Prince William leaves the Lindo Wing to pick up Prince George from Kensington Palace

4:20pm (approximately) – Prince William returns to the Lindo Wing with his first-born son to meet his new baby sister. World goes mad. How is Twitter still even functioning? His hair. His cheeks. His shorts. His matching outfit with dad. The kiss from William. That wave. Reminder: the cuteness has just begun.

6:00pm – The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leave the hospital with their new daughter, the first Princess of Cambridge in 180 years. Kate, HOW ARE YOU EVEN REAL?! Flawless. Yellow and white bespoke Jenny Packham dress, hair down in her classic full curls. And heels. She gave birth hours ago and was wearing heels.

via Emily Nash, @emynash, The Sun

via Emily Nash, @emynash, The Sun

So, we have a new princess. Kate is a superhero. We want to be here. But we can’t. We are merely humans. We are not worthy. Bow down. Cursty. All that. This is the best and most insane day that has happened. I need to sleep. Adrenaline high. Send help.

All that’s left is the name….. Congratulations once again to the family and we hope you enjoy your first night at home together!

It’s a PRINCESS! The Duchess of Cambridge Gives Birth to a Girl

“Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a daughter at 8.34am”

In this edition of “while you were all sleeping like normal humans on a Saturday morning…”

Just two and a half hours after being admitted to the famed Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital, The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her second child, now fourth-in-line to the throne. IT’S A GIRL!  CONGRATULATIONS TO THE DUKE AND DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE!

Official Announcement from Kensington Palace

Official Announcement from Kensington Palace

I can’t even believe this is happening. I was asleep 2 1/2 hours ago. Talk about a change of pace from Prince George’s birth (although the 4am wakeup call is exactly the same, the waiting all day for the birth announcement is totally different).

The baby princess was born at 8 lbs, 3 oz and mother and baby are said to be doing well. The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry (who is currently in Australia) have all been informed of the news.

We all thought girl, we all hoped girl (healthy and happy of course being the first hope) – THIS IS SO EXCITING.


When you’re all, “What a long week, can’t wait to sleep in on Saturday!” and Kate is all, “nah, that sounds boring.”…. I will let it slide that I was literally staying one mile away from the hospital this time last week and was yet again woken up in the middle of the night for the royal baby. Seriously, thank goodness I stocked up on Fortnum & Mason’s Royal Blend tea while I was over.


News on the name will be released in due course; remember we did not learn of George’s name until the family were home at Kensington Palace and The Queen had met the newborn and heard the name. (I’m still holding strong on Charlotte). Will Prince George visit his new baby sister? Will the family leave the hospital today? All we know thus far is that we have a new HRH Princess of Cambridge and that, right now, is enough for me.


How to keep busy during the #GreatKateWait2

The date is April 28, 2015. Royal watchers are growing restless. People are stealing poor Terry Hutt’s sleeping bag. William and Kate even sent coffee and croissants to the die-hards camping out at the Lindo Wing. I went to London and NOTHING happened. We are growing restless. Everyone is bored. The royal world is in distress. How can we possibly occupy our time, other than watching a door? I mean, the world is starting to think we’re all a little bonkers with this door watching obsession.

Here I am staring at the Lindo Wing door on one of Kate's rumored due dates - April 23.

Here I am staring at the Lindo Wing door on one of Kate’s rumored due dates – April 23.

Here are my suggestions for passing the time – yet still maintaining peak royal excitement levels – during the homestretch of #GreatKateWait2..

Watch William & Kate – The Lifetime Movie on Netflix

Sorry but I think this is only a viable option for the Americans. I may or may not have tried to watch it while I was in London but my IP address blocked it. So, good option for Americans or hackers.

Look at these photos of Prince Harry

Remember that time Prince Harry went to Lesotho and took the most heart-stoppingly beautiful photos with children and Chris Jackson sent us all into the hospital? You’re welcome for reminding you.

Plan your visit to royal Britain

A pilgrimage to the royal motherland is a must for every royalist. Be honest, you spend 99% of your day dreaming about visiting Buckingham Palace or running into Kate shopping in Kensington.

Read “The Royal We”

If you haven’t read it already, I’m really disappointed in you. (It also means you don’t listen to me). If you have read, hip hip to you, and start reading it again!

Donate to Charity

A non-royal activity to keep you busy but we all know the royal family are extremely passionate about not only their own charities, but helping anywhere and anyway they can. It was just announced that Prince Charles made a sizeable donation to the earthquake recovery efforts in Nepal. I am going to shamelessly draw your attention to Team Rubicon, where skilled military veterans put their knowledge, passion and expertise to good use in times like these. My cousin just deployed to assist in the recovery, and something tells me Captain Wales would be a huge supporter of this cause.

Hang in there royal baby watchers, it can’t be too much longer. Can it?

#GreatKateWait2 is ON!

Now in the second week of the most royal month ever, we are receiving new information about the impending arrival of the new royal baby. The fearless UK royal press pack showered us all with updates after a briefing from the palace earlier today.

While no official due date has been given (April 25th has been rumored), we have learned more about The Duchess of Cambridge’s “late April birth.”

Here’s what we know:

There will be NO crazy #GreatKateWait outside the Lindo Wing this time around. Cue sigh of relief from the press pack who probably just want to watch their cellphones from the comfort of their own home instead of watching a door from the sidewalk. Accredited media will only be allowed to take up allocated positions outside the Lindo Wing after the Duchess of Cambridge has been admitted to St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington.

Once Kate has been admitted, a press release will go to reporters followed by Twitter and Instagram announcement from Kensington Palace two minutes later. Pro tip: turn on those KP Twitter notifications royal watchers!

Here is the kicker: If all of this activity happens after 10pm local time, the announcement will be held until at least 8am the following morning. That is 3am for the East Coast of the US. If you’ll recall from HRH Prince of Cheeks’ birth, us east coasters were woken up at about 4am with the news from Jesal that Kate had gone into labor. Then we found out George had arrived in the middle of the work day – #realworldproblems. DEAR NEW BABY, PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS TO US AGAIN. But, to avoid all of the sleep issues for this particular royalist, please just be born April 23 – 26 when I am in London. Preferably the 23rd because my schedule is much more flexible that day.

Just like with George, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will return to Kensington Palace after leaving the hospital with their newborn, but after a few days they will move onto their new Anmer Hall residence at Sandringham. Prince William, who is currently finishing his training with Bond Air Services, will take a two week paternity leave following the baby’s arrival. Kate’s maternity leave will be much longer – and longer than with George – and we are unlikely to see her in an official capacity until the autumn.

While Kate is currently not in London, she plans to return soon to be closer to the hospital where she intends to give birth (although contingency plans are in place near her parents home in Berkshire and Amner Hall in Norfolk). William will have a bit longer of a commute to the big event – about a two hour drive back to London.

Okay new prince or princess (it was also confirmed today that William and Kate do not know the sex of the baby), we can’t wait to meet you!

Oh Hey April, You’re Going to be AWESOME

Happy April everyone! This month has the potential to be seriously epic. So much Royal activity my head is spinning.

There is a royal baby on the way. The Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth to her second child (in under two years oh hey thanks Kate xx), at some point this month. While the pre-birth hype isn’t as high as it was ahead of Prince George’s birth, we are all secretly – and some of us not so secretly – super excited to watch a door again. Well, not so much the door but SO much welcoming another Cambridge baby into this world.

Aside from the pure fact that Kate is about to have a baby, it’s *when* she could have the baby that’s adding to the potential epicness of it all. How about April 21? The baby would share a birthday with its great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. Or what about April 29? Mom and Dad’s fourth wedding anniversary? I think my royalist heart just exploded at the thought. No matter what, there will be a lot to celebrate this month. They may as well just rename “April” to “Royal.” And by they, I mean the whole world.

Oh and let’s not forget, The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan comes out on April 7. That’s next Tuesday. Baby, you can arrive that day – the fug girls deserve it.